Divorce Services

Our Orange County paralegal is providing most cost-efficient divorce services using our unique approach working with uncontested divorces. We charge flat fee 499 for the divorce without minor children and $599 for the divorce services with minor children. Filing fees are no included in this price. Our divorce service includes  forms preparation, filing with the court, serving your spouse by mail or at our office, finalizing your divorce.

Our orange county paralegal also provides divorce services and documents preparation for contested divorce, legal separation, annulment, child custody, child custody modification, child  support, spousal support, domestic violence restraining order, prenup and postnup.

Divorce  services includes one hour free attorney consultation if our Orange County paralegal handling your paperwork for uncontested divorce.

During the first meeting would be a good idea to discuss what  is the dissolution of the the marriage is that what you would need. Perhaps you might consider legal separation, annulment of the marriage , summary dissolution , “marvin” action , domestic partnership.

The precises for documents preparation for legal separation and annulment are similar as for Divorce services.
Divorce services include discussion  your  property division. There are many misconception regarding California Community property law. Goodwill issues, stocks, bonds, retirements, real property, all those items need to be given a serious consideration .

After that Orange County paralegal will ask you regarding child support and spousal support, marital standard of living, your job history and education

Orange County paralegal will discuss jurisdictional issues as well how long have you been  in the State and County

Our legal services are including providing for you general information regarding different ways to approach your dissolution

Orange County paralegal will discuss with you if you will need mediation or limited scope representation for your divorce services.

We offer both contested divorce and uncontested divorce. We also provide services for things related to divorce such as child support.