Uncontested divorce Orange County specialist can help you to proceed with your divorce with minimum expenses and minimum stress.
Uncontested divorce vs contested is the simple concept for understanding. Contested divorce involve some issues which spouses do not agreed between each other. Uncontested divorce is the divorce in which both spouses agreed on all issues of the divorce.
What are such issues which can arise during the divorce?
1. If you have minor children the main issues are child custody, visitation and child support.
2. Spousal support.
3. Property division.
Your decision uncontested divorce vs. contested could be made properly if you look at the divorce as a business. The problem is that divorce is an “emotional business “. It easy to say set aside emotions and do whatever is best in the existing situation, but difficult to do. Sometimes people will fight over 7K improvement on the property award spending 8K in attorney’s fee in this issue. Our Uncontested divorce Orange County Specialist is also certified divorce mediator with the great results achieved in the many divorce proceedings.
Your decision uncontested divorce vs. contested could make a big impact on your children’s emotional comfort. Quick and easy uncontested divorce would minimize emotional kid’s discomfort associated with the divorce.