Orange County Division’s Public Affairs Regional Manager Tony Cardenas is the primary contact for the division. In addition to his role as public affairs director, he also serves as administrative support to the Workforce Development Board. The department is responsible for administering the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act in Orange County. This program is intended to assist unemployed and underemployed individuals find and keep good jobs. The department also seeks to meet the needs of employers, providing services in the areas of recruitment, training, and hiring.

The Division also serves as the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) committee, assisting the county in developing a five-year economic development plan for the county. Under guidance from the US Economic and Community Development Administration, the plan is offered to the community as a planning tool for community projects, and is a prerequisite for EDA funding for approved projects. In addition to managing grant-funded programs, the Division also oversees the county’s False Alarm Reduction Program.

The division oversees the Sheriff’s Office’s False Alarm Reduction Program, which is responsible for reducing the number of false alarms in Orange County. In addition, the OCES’ Communications Division handles high-volume calls from fire, medical, and emergency services. In addition, the OCES has a role in implementing the California State Building Code. Consequently, the division is one of the most important agencies in the county.